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GuestReady’s Airbnb Hosting tips

What’s the 90-day rule and how does it impact my Airbnb in London?

In January 2017, new Airbnb rules were introduced for hosts in the Greater London area that involved setting automatic limits for entire home listings to 90 nights per calendar year.

Restrictions for short-term rentals – Porto 2023

10 July 2019 - Porto City Council approved new regulations to manage the number of short-term rental licences. A public consultation will take place until the 18 Sept 2019.

Off-plan property investment for short term lets

Did you know that the best places to list Airbnb properties for the purpose of revenue growth in the United Kingdom are Dundee, London, Brighton, Hove, and Bath? If you want to make money …

Property management explained – Definition and types

Did you know that 45% of landlords manage their properties? This is surprising, to say the least. Nowadays, there are several types of property management services available in the UK. However, many landlords fail …

Best rental yields in France

Investing in property in France? Find out what is a good rental yield. 504 billion euros is the amount of rental expenditure in France. This represents 21.9% of the national GDP. This …

Holiday homes: find the best investment in Dubai on Airbnb

Dubai tourism marketing is booming. Short-term rentals are in demand. How do you find the best holiday home investment opportunity in Dubai?

Hiring a property management company: 11 main benefits

UK rental prices rose by 3.2% in the 12 months up to July 2022, reports the Office for National Statistics. If you exclude London, this figure rises to 3.7%, one of the steepest rises …

Best rental yields in Bordeaux

Where to invest in Bordeaux? Real estate investment in Bordeaux means an increase in the price per square metre in 5 years of: 27% for new flats, 26% for old apartments, 36% …

5 tips to increase your Airbnb ranking

Learn how to optimise your Airbnb listing with hero images, stellar guest communications, fair pricing and great customer reviews.

Airbnb luggage drop off: 4 ways hosts can deal with this classic problem

It’s the question every Airbnb host gets asked at some point… “Where can I leave my bags?” “Can I leave my stuff with you before I check-in? How about after check-out?” No …