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We enable owners and guests to make the most of every stay in Barcelona

Our local experts are the heart of our business, they know Barcelona inside and out and are dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Whether you need help managing the logistics of your short-term rental in the trendy Gracia neighbourhood or seek advice on how to make the most of your investment property in the historic Gothic Quarter, our team is here for you. Airbnb management in Barcelona. Embrace your place with GuestReady.

Full property management services

We eliminate the inconvenience of short-letting and help you maximise your rental revenue in Barcelona.

Online management

  • One property, multiple listings
  • Professional photography
  • Listing creation
  • Price optimisation

Guest management

  • Guest vetting
  • Check-in
  • Guest communication
  • Linen and toiletries

Property management

  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance

Why choose GuestReady in Barcelona?

GuestReady services notes

We run every service

We cover all the Airbnb management services from cleaning to guest communications. We list your property on multiple booking platforms.

Maximise your income graph

Maximise your income

Increase your rental income by up to 60% without lifting a finger. Discover how well your listing could perform.

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Performance at your fingertips

Easily manage your rental properties and follow the performance in real-time with our cutting-edge technology.

Platform for property owners

Access all information related to your property whenever you need it through our mobile app and web solution. We take care of all the details while providing full transparency of what’s happening and how much your property is profiting.


  • Dashboard with overview of all the bookings and guests
  • Stay on top of planned maintenance and cleaning missions
  • See reviews from the satisfied guests
  • Get a complete financial overview
  • Track the performance: Income, Occupancy and much more.


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Calculate your potential income

Find out how much you can make with GuestReady as your Airbnb Management Company

Holiday let data in Barcelona

Barcelona’s remarkable cultural scene and irresistible blend of history and modernity make it a highly sought-after destination for tourists. Its thriving economy and high popularity make it an exceptional location for short-term rental investment, with an impressive 82% occupancy rate and an average daily rate of €182.

By investing in Barcelona’s short-term rental market, you can expect to generate a monthly revenue of around €3,000. Barcelona is an excellent location to capitalize on the city’s tourism industry and invest in the short-term rental market.

Gaudí building in Barcelona

Lorenzo Ritella

Country Manager of Spain

"Our experienced team, operating in Barcelona's market, will support your prorty's entire local accommodation management process, step by step."

Partnering up with GuestReady

Whether you own a welcoming studio in La Barceloneta or a charming house in Gràcia neighbourhood, our team has years of experience managing properties in Barcelona and will take care of everything for you.

Airbnb management in the province of Barcelona

With short-term rental solutions in the province of Barcelona, our team provides Airbnb management services in
areas such as Gràcia, Ciutat Vella, Eixample, and Les Corts.

Gràcia is a vibrant and bohemian neighbourhood in Barcelona, known for its artistic flair and bustling squares. If you own a short-term rental property in Gràcia, GuestReady can help you maximize your investment. Our team of professional Airbnb managers will take care of everything from guest communication to property maintenance, ensuring that your guests have an unforgettable experience. With our premium property management services, you can sit back and relax while we attract guests and watch your income grow.

Ciutat Vella, or the Old City, is the heart of Barcelona and a top destination for tourists seeking history, culture, and entertainment. If you own an short-term property rental in Ciutat Vella, GuestReady can help you turn it into a lucrative investment. Our team of experienced Airbnb managers will take care of everything, from marketing and guest communication to cleaning and maintenance. You can trust us to ensure that your guests have a seamless and enjoyable stay, while you enjoy the financial benefits of renting out your property.

Eixample is a chic and trendy district of Barcelona, known for its modernist architecture and bustling streets. If you own a short-term rental property in Eixample, GuestReady can help you turn it into a profitable investment. Our team of professional Airbnb managers will handle all aspects of your property management, including guest communication, cleaning, maintenance, and marketing. We guarantee a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for your guests, while you sit back and watch your income grow.

Les Corts is a quiet and upscale residential neighbourhood in Barcelona, known for its green parks and luxurious homes. If you own a short-term rental property in Les Corts, GuestReady can help you generate maximum returns on your investment. Our team of experienced Airbnb managers will handle all aspects of your property management, from guest communication to maintenance and cleaning. We will ensure that your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, while you enjoy a steady stream of income from your rental property.

Meet our Owners

Anne & Philippe

Owner in Málaga.

“From the moment we first got in touch with GuestReady for the vacation rental of our studio, we’ve been really thrilled with the service and support we’ve received. The studio photos are of excellent quality, any inquiries about the booking are addressed immediately, they follow up on queries very promptly, and the payments are always accurate and on time. A highly professional team with a special shoutout to Claudia and Alejandra! I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Owner testimonial

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  • Reliable
  • Customisable
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Frequently asked questions

The basics

In brief, we assist property owners in maximising their income through short-term rental solutions while minimising their workload. We handle the day-to-day operations of Airbnb and other short-term rental apartments around the world, including online listing, photography, pricing management, guest communication, cleaning, laundry, provision of toiletries, and guest check-in.

We operate in multiple locations worldwide, providing Airbnb management services in cities such as London, Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Porto, Dubai, and many more across 7+ countries with the highest rental yields.

Your property can be listed on Airbnb, (and partner websites), Book with GuestReady (our own platform!), TripAdvisor, Expedia, HomeAway (and partner websites), HomeLike, and The Plum Guide.

However, it will depend on the property’s location, price, and unique features. If a particular platform does not match the requirements or is not a good fit for your target audience, it may not be listed there.

Payment and pricing

Maximising your rental income is our top priority. Our team of hospitality experts has crafted a comprehensive pricing strategy that takes into account factors such as city-wide occupancy rates, travel trends, property location, events, seasonality, competitor pricing, and more. With our expertise, you can be confident that your rental property will generate the highest possible revenue throughout the year.

Getting your property set up and ready for guests with GuestReady is made easy with our one-time onboarding fee (amount varies based on property size, location, and availability). This fee covers the cost of a professional photo shoot, creation of your online listing on various short-let platforms, and a visit from one of our staff members who will ensure that your home is equipped with all the necessary amenities for hosting guests. The onboarding fee is not charged upfront, but rather it is deducted from your first month’s rental income.

GuestReady presents a commission-based solution for owners, collecting a commission for each guest’s stay. Additional services are sold separately from the package. Our commission and pricing vary by market and new properties are subject to an onboarding fee. In some markets, we also provide a fixed rent solution. For more information, please visit our pricing page or speak directly to our team. We are always happy to help!


We understand that ensuring the safety of your property is a top priority. That’s why we have strict processes in place to thoroughly vet our guests before they stay at your property. We use a combination of technology and manual checks to ensure that guests are who they say they are and that they have a good track record of being trustworthy. Additionally, we have 24/7 guest support to handle any issues that may arise during a guest’s stay. With our thorough guest screening and safety measures in place, you can trust us to keep your property secure.

We have stringent processes in place to thoroughly vet our guests and ensure the safety of your property. However, to further minimise the risk of damage or theft, we strongly advise you to remove any valuable items from the property during the rental period. In the unlikely event that guests cause damage or steal from your property, our team of issue resolution specialists will work with you to recover the loss, in close collaboration with the platform and the guests involved. If your booking was made through Airbnb, you are eligible for a host guarantee coverage at no extra cost. Furthermore, owners who have partnered with GuestReady are also insured by a partner service provider.

The specific documents required to list your property with GuestReady may vary depending on the market. However, it is essential that your property complies with all local health and safety regulations, as well as any government rules and regulations. Before starting to host, we recommend that you contact your gas and electricity suppliers for a current safety inspection and to confirm that all fire and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order. By doing so, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are providing a safe and comfortable environment for your guests.