How to become a superhost on Airbnb

Why should you become a Superhost on Airbnb? Because acquiring Airbnb Superhost status will improve your property’s searchability, create better conversions and put more money in your pocket.

What makes a Superhost on Airbnb: The criteria for qualifying 


Airbnb has set up a system that requires all Superhosts to pass four important steps before they are given their special title.

  1. You have to host a minimum of 10 stays in a year
  2. At least 80 per cent of your reviews need to be 5-star
  3. You have to honour the majority of your confirmed reservations
  4. Your response rate needs to be at least 90 per cent

Superhost status on Airbnb: Rewarded for your commitment 

The Superhost program is Airbnb’s way of rewarding you for providing reliable, high-quality services on their platform.

If you are committed to being a trustworthy host who is always on call to answer emails from guests and provide solid support, Airbnb feels that you deserve to be recognised.

Not only recognised but also given the chance to improve your bookings and revenue.

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Superhost benefits:

  1. More listing views – Airbnb promises that Superhosts will get more views of their listing than non-Superhosts. Is this always true? Probably not. It can often depend on what people are searching for. But in general, you are likely to get more eyes on your apartment if you have Superhost status. This is because many guests will use the Superhost filter when searching for a property because they only want to deal with hosts of the highest calibre.
  2. Superhost badge – This badge can really help your property stand out from the list on Airbnb. All Superhosts have a badge on their profile that allows people to easily identify their status – and provides reassurance that the link to your property will be worth clicking on.
  3. Earn more money – Many Superhosts benefit from significant increases in earnings due to their status. Guests are more likely to book a Superhost to stay with because Airbnb guarantees a certain level of service and trust in relation to that badge. That means more money for you!
  4. Exclusive rewards – As a Superhost, you’ll also be rewarded with a $100 travel coupon each year, as well as an extra 20% on top of the standard bonus that you receive when you refer new hosts to Airbnb.

Tips for becoming a Superhost

  1. Be a great communicator – When it comes to answering emails from potential or current guests, it’s important you keep your response time under 24 hours, but ideally reply within the hour, and provide clear and helpful information in response. If a guest wants to know what kind of heating you have in your London apartment, be sure to give them all the relevant details. If a traveller wants tips on how to get to your place from the airport, offer them a range of options – from private taxis to public buses.
  2. Give a warm welcome – Guests love meeting their hosts, especially if you’re someone who can offer great local tips for eating out. Always do your best to make guests feel warmly welcomed. Provide a welcome pack with some treats that you have sourced locally. Leave fresh flowers on the table or a bottle of wine in the fridge. Guests who stayed will be sure to reward you with a great review.
  3. Make it easy – If you’re not able to greet your guests in-person, make sure that their check-in goes as smoothly as possible. Provide detailed maps and directions. Ensure the lockbox or key safe is easy to access.
  4. Go above and beyond – There might be four specific criteria for becoming a Superhost but why stop at that? Hosts who go above and beyond are likely to get 5-star reviews every time and earn more money than hosts who just do the basics in order to maintain their Superhost status. Some ideas for wowing guests include offering a free airport pickup, taking them on a tour of your local neighbourhood and providing complimentary passes to a few local attractions. And of course, always make sure to remind your guests the importance of leaving a review.

What if I need to cancel a reservation due to an emergency?

Once you have achieved Superhost status, you will want to cling on to it. Superhost status depends upon you honouring all of your bookings but sometimes life makes that impossible.

The good news is that your cancellation won’t be counted against your Superhost eligibility as long as it comes under the platform’s ‘extenuating circumstances’ list. Remember to contact Airbnb within 14 days after you cancel the reservation to file a claim.

Can I lose my Superhost status?

Just because you are given a Superhost badge by Airbnb does not mean that the platform will keep you on as a Superhost. Airbnb evaluates your status four times each year and during the assessment, you can lose your status if you fail to meet all the requirements.

If, for example, you have maintained a high response rate, low cancellation rate, completed more than 10 trips – but your overall ratings are below 4.8, you will not qualify for a Superhost badge. You need to meet all four requirements, each assessment, to keep your badge.

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Airbnb management to help you stay a super

If you’re keen to keep your Superhost status or if you’re a time-poor host who wants to take their Airbnb listing to the next level by becoming a Superhost for the first time, you should consider using an Airbnb management company like GuestReady.

Our team is experienced in helping hosts meet Superhost requirements and reap the relevant rewards. Find our more about our services or get in touch with our hosting experts today.

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