Airbnb Smart Homes: Tech devices for hosts

These days running a successful Airbnb is not just about providing good quality bedding and a generous welcome gift – it’s also about making your home as ‘smart’ as possible. Installing smart devices can not only boost your security but also make check-ins easier, as well as increase the chances of getting positive reviews.

There has been a smart device revolution in recent years and we’ve got information on the latest gadgets including phone charging stations, smart thermostats, remote-controlled security cameras – that will improve your life – and the lives of your guests – when it comes to your Airbnb.

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Essential Airbnb Amenities

Every Airbnb should have a set of basic amenities when it comes to preparing the space for guests. These include things like fresh linen, blankets, towels, toilet paper, as well as kitchen equipment such as a cooker, fridge, utensils, crockery and saucepans.

There’s a good chance you already have smart home technologies in your Airbnb such as a good WIFI router and maybe even a smart TV but what other smart devices are beneficial to have?

Best smart devices for your Airbnb

Smart Devices

Whether you’re an Airbnb host in Dubai or London, these days it pays to turn your holiday let into an Airbnb Smart Home. Here are some of our favourite smart home technologies:

Smart Security

Home Security -Starwars

Smart sensors are one of the best ways to protect your home. Sensors can detect all sorts of things and ping that information back to your smartphone – whether it’s a leaking water pipe under the washing machine or a locked door that has been opened.

Smoke and CO detectors connected to your smartphone can also alert you if something goes wrong. This can be helpful when it comes to making sure your guests are not smoking indoors. It also, more obviously, is vital when it comes to preventing fires in the house.

Outdoor security cameras can also be used to help monitor your property, but do make sure to let guests know if they are being monitored by outdoor cameras. We do NOT recommend setting up any security cameras indoors as this would be in breach of guest privacy. 

Smart locks

Smart Door Lock

Trust us when we say that this is one of the most essential ‘smart’ additions to your Airbnb. Smart locks can be used to protect spaces within your house that you don’t want guests to access such as basements or attics, but also as a way of easily welcoming guests to your place without physically being there!

There are also smart intercom devices which allow you to unlock multiple doors in your home by using your mobile phone. Companies such as Klevio, Entrerio and Homeit are giving Airbnb hosts the chance to swap physical keys for digital ones – allowing you to open your doors remotely and share digital keys with guests.

Igloohome x GuestReady

GuestReady and Igloohome have been partners since 2020 for multiple markets: France, Portugal and Spain.

The property management company semi-annually orders devices to dispatch them throughout its growing portfolio.
Smart Locks have been implemented in one third of GuestReady properties on the French market. They are frequently used for their convenience as they increase the property safety with features like changing passwords for every new guest automatically through seamless integration with reservation management softwares.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats not only allow you to keep your guests warm in the winter and cool in the summer – but also ensure you don’t cop a huge electricity bill. You can set up these devices so they automatically turn off when a guest leaves the house (avoiding all-day air-conditioning of a space that nobody is using) and also automatically turn on just before a guest checks-in so that the place is nice and cool – or cosy – for them when they arrive.

Mobile device chargers

Wireless Mobile device chargers - Ikea

Yes, many guests will bring along their own phone chargers but why not make their life even easier by giving them the option to easily charge-up when they arrive? There are so many cool devices available now, including wireless chargers, multiple USB charging ports and appliances that have inbuilt chargers. 

Smart TV

Smart TV

Many guests will travel with their laptops and want to plug-in to a bigger screen to watch their favourite shows. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to provide a spare HDMI and USB cable.

If you have a smart TV, be sure to sign out of your Netflix or any other streaming accounts so that guests can use their own account details to sign in. 

Property Management Companies London 

More and more guests are expecting smart technologies when they arrive at a new Airbnb. For some hosts, this can be overwhelming which is why many are turning towards Airbnb management companies such as GuestReady.

At GuestReady, hosts have at their disposal 24/7 support on guest communication, personalised welcomes, concierge services during guest stays, hotel quality linen and towels, as well as expert advice on smart devices. 

This high-level of service increases the chance for positive reviews and secures the long-term success of properties. 

Using tech to make Airbnb better

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At GuestReady, we consider ourselves to be both a tech and a service company. Thanks to the way we utilise technology, we are able to manage cleaners, greeters and repairmen quickly and efficiently, without the need for many on-the-ground managers. 

We have also developed a mobile app that allows us to brief our mobile workforce on-the-spot and gather feedback directly from our properties. This has helped us further streamline our hosting process, increasing efficiency from personal check-ins to post-stay laundry collection for each guest’s stay. 

We understand the importance of making an Airbnb ‘smart’ – and therefore encourage our hosts to install good WIFI as well as smart devices such as thermostats, locks, security, and TVs. 

For expert insights and tips on how to manage your Airbnb, schedule a call with one of our hosting experts to find out more about our services. 

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