Airbnb kitchen essentials: Preparing a cooking space that guests will love to use 

One of the main reasons many travellers choose to stay in an Airbnb is because they want access to a kitchen (and its kitchen essentials).

This could be to store leftovers from meals out, or to save money by eating in. In other cases, it’s because their allergies or dietary requirements make it difficult to go to restaurants for meals.

Whatever the reason, if you are an Airbnb host it’s important you know what is required when it comes to preparing your place for guests. Here’s our guide to Airbnb kitchen essentials.


Taking the hassle out of cooking in an Airbnb

If you are offering a kitchen space for guests, don’t cut corners when it comes to providing basics to help them prepare a meal. Your guests don’t want to be halfway through cooking a veggie curry to find out there’s no can opener for the tin of chickpeas they bought at the supermarket.

The best way to think about your Airbnb kitchen is to imagine yourself cooking in it. Imagine all the meals that you like to cook – and ensure that your Airbnb has all the pots, utensils and bowls needed to make those dishes. 

“One of the main reasons many travellers choose to stay in an Airbnb is because they want access to a kitchen – so what should hosts equip them with?” GuestReady


Checklist: The basics


Stovetop and oven

It doesn’t get more basic than this; give them something to cook on or in! Even the tiniest Airbnb will offer at least a camping stove to cook food on so that guests have the option to eat-in.

If you are charging a lot or advertising your Airbnb as ‘family-friendly’ you should invest in a decent size cooker. We recommend also providing a microwave, especially for family groups, as this can make life easier for heating baby bottles and leftovers.


Fridge and freezer

Every kitchen needs a fridge and freezer. Make sure you choose a size that is appropriate for your listing. Don’t put a tiny fridge in your Airbnb if cater for large groups of guests. Also consider putting a second freezer in the house if you regularly host lots of people.


Cups and dishes

The number of plates, bowls and cups you provide will depend on how many people you usually play host to at your Airbnb but in general, add two more of each.

For example, if your Airbnb can accommodate up to two people, provide four of everything when it comes to bowls and plates. We recommend providing both large and small plates. If your Airbnb caters for kids, make sure some of your cups and dishes are plastic.


Knives and forks

Buy good quality cutlery that won’t rust or discolour easily. Just like your cups and dishes, always get a set of cutlery to cater for the number of people you usually host – with a few extra. Make sure you offer big and little spoons. When it comes to knives, provide both butter and steak knives.


Coffee and tea

Most people will start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. Make sure it’s a good one by providing an awesome coffee machine, as well as a good kettle. We recommend hosts offer a range of coffee and tea bags, as well as fresh milk and sugar.

Also make sure you give your guests something lovely to drink out of. There’s nothing worse than a tiny little teacup with an awkward handle to drink your morning beverage from.




Pots and pans

Depending on the type of Airbnb that you are advertising, you’ll need to provide a range of pots and pans. If your listing description boasts of a fully-equipped kitchen, guests will expect not only good quality pots and pans but also several different sizes. Always provide at least one small and one large pot, as well as a small and large frying pan.


Spatulas and ladles

How will your guests move their cooked food from the pan to their plate? Always keep a range of cooking utensils in your Airbnb including spatulas, serving spoons, wooden spoons, ladles, whisks and tongs.


Oven dishes and mitts

If you have an oven in your Airbnb kitchen, provide a range of oven-friendly dishes that guests can roast food in. These can be ceramic dishes or metal trays and should be varying in size. Also provide baking paper and oven mitts.


Bowls and strainers

Many guests will want to bake or cook meals from scratch and this requires the use of cooking bowls. Try to offer a range of sizes. We recommend glass bowls for durability. Also provide strainers. Colanders are great for draining pasta but if a guest wants to sift some flour, they’ll need a stainless-steel strainer.


Can openers and peelers

We could call this category the ‘miscellaneous’ category but it’s one of the most important and these items are often overlooked by hosts. Always offer at least one veggie peeler, can opener, a bottle opener and a pair of scissors.  


Chopping boards and knives

Once again, this just comes down to things you’d use on a daily basis in your own kitchen. It’s best to provide several chopping boards, both plastic and wood, as well as a range of good quality knives.


Dish liquid and gloves

Make sure guests have something to clean their plates with once they’ve finished their meal. Provide dish liquid, washing-up gloves, tea towels and a drying rack. Bonus points if you offer an eco-friendly brand!


Checklist: Taking it to the next level

To impress guests and get great reviews, add the following items to your Airbnb kitchen:

  • Paper towels
  • Tupperware containers
  • Cling film and aluminium foil
  • Toaster
  • Cooking oil
  • Spice rack
  • Dishwasher
  • Baking supplies


Getting it right with the help of an Airbnb management company

They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and we honestly believe that providing an awesome cooking space can be the way to an Airbnb guest’s heart. For this reason, our Airbnb experts help hosts all over the world get their holiday rental space ready for guests who want to cook up a storm. Our team of professionals can help you get your kitchen ready for your next Airbnb guest!

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