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Hosting can be an exciting pastime because you talk to and interact with people from all parts of the globe. But, at the same time, hosting can be challenging because of that same reason.

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It can’t be denied that competition is getting tougher as Airbnb hosts and short let management services are getting more involved. To be preferred and ensure that steady inflow of extra income, you have to make yourself stand out by offering something extra, unique and gain an edge over competitors.

So, how to be an awesome Airbnb host?
Well, that usually depends on what your guests have to say about your service and their stay.

It’s hard (fairly impossible) to please everyone.

We understand that, so here’s the deal:
We’ve come up with some tips or tricks that could potentially please most of your guests in one way or another.


Remember: this is not a necessity for hosting; but then, as hosts, at the end of the day, we all know the feeling of satisfaction upon seeing smiles, receiving ‘thank you’s’ and getting good reviews from our guests.

So, here they are:

Preparing for guests’ Arrival

Keep in mind: first impressions last.
Better to have them go ‘wow’ upon entering the doorway; that will set the entire positive vibe for your guest.

To get that ‘wow’ factor, you can try to do the following:

Offer a welcome basket.
Really depends on what you can offer but you won’t go wrong with some chocolates, a bottle of wine perhaps, warm fluffy slippers, maybe put in some toiletries like small bottles of shampoo or lotions that people usually hoard from hotel rooms these will go a long way to making guests feel really welcome.

Tip: you can take it a step further by customizing the toiletries (or the entire basket!) based on the guests’ gender or age.

Another tip: include a local delicacy that people are raving about

Have phone numbers ready.
Make your phone numbers handy so guests can easily contact you if they need anything. You can also include this in the welcome basket.

Prepare a map of the local area.
Help your guests go around your wonderful city. Many a traveler will always prefer sites and spots recommended by a local – off-the-beaten-path type of experience and insider tips are the best

Remember: many guests stay with you for your local knowledge where are the best restaurants? Best coffee? Best bars? Best spots to hangout and chill?

Tip: you can up the ante here by offering transport cards that guests can top up – this will definitely be a ‘wower’

Tip #2: don’t stop there. Make your guests love you even more by giving some tickets to an awesome amusement park, musical, or tourist site that everyone wants to go to

Around the House

They’ve just been pleasantly surprised with the warm welcome you’ve given them.
Make sure to continue this awesome service throughout the rest of the house.

Before anything else, ensure that your space is spic and span
Nothing is worse than going into a dirty place after a long flight when all you want to do is plop down on the couch but can’t because of all the dust and dirt

Leave snacks and beverages in the kitchen or the living area (or even in other rooms but if you have a pet peeve about stains and spills then in the general area would do)
It’s always good to have food when you welcome guests into your home – especially true when your guests check in at night and would want to enjoy a little snack while settling in

Have basic necessities and kitchen supplies available and visible
Some guests may want to cook so having the basics like salt, pepper and olive oil or other cooking essentials will help – no need to go grocery shopping (that would most probably be part of the guests’ to-do list if they enjoy cooking)

Prepare some clean linens, towels and dishes for your guests’ easy usage
Remember: we’re trying to give them service like those in multiple starred hotels. And fresh linen and towels always feel so good, don’t they?

Soften up the place by putting up some decors
Even just putting up a vase of fresh flowers can liven up the place; cute artsy pieces can also be used to decorate and make the place more comfortable

Include some magazines or good books
Some guests prefer winding down with a good read. If your guests are families with kids, putting inexpensive toys around is also an option to show them that you’re thinking about them

These little (and inexpensive) things can go a long way to making any traveler’s stay easier, stress free and hassle free. We think that whatever little touches you can add to make someone’s stay more pleasant are always welcome.

Airbnb Management Company GuestReady

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