5 tips to increase your Airbnb ranking

If you’re a traveller in search of the perfect place to book for your next vacation – what are the chances you will click through dozens of pages of search results on Airbnb?

Like Google, most people will settle with whatever they find on the first page of their search list. What does that mean for hosts? You need to make sure your Airbnb property is near the top of the list.

Here are some tips for how you can increase your Airbnb ranking.

1. Grab their attention

If your property title is ‘Historic villa with pool’ make sure your feature image is of the pool – not of your generic-looking living room.

Professional photography: Use a professional photographer and don’t rely on smartphone snaps for your Airbnb listing. A professional photographer will be able to capture the most flattering angles of your property. Remember to upload images of every room so potential guests have a clear picture of what to expect from your listing.

Hero image: Ensure that the feature image reflects your property headline. Choosing the right feature image can be the reason a guest clicks on your listing;  don’t save the best for last, order your photos to their ‘wow’ factor.

Compelling titleYou only have a few words to capture a potential guest’s interest so choose them wisely. Avoid stating the obvious such as ‘Two bedroom apartment in London’ or ‘Cosy cottage in Hampshire’. Instead opt for a selling point in the title, such as ‘Walking distance to Waterloo Station’ or ‘15th Century cottage in the quiet countryside’.

2. Be responsive

An up to date calendar is key for all hosts.

Answer questions ASAP: If a guest contacts you before making a booking with a question, the sooner you respond with a helpful and friendly answer  – the more likely it will be that they’ll book your home. Always respond to emails as soon as you can.

Turning on Instant Book: This will help improve your ranking on the Airbnb platform as it makes your property easier for guests to book. Many travellers will only search for places that offer instant booking to make the process faster. Read more about Airbnb Instant Book.

Update your calendar: Always make sure you update your calendar as soon as you know about changes to your property. For example, if you have blocked off dates due to renovations and the building work happens to wrap up sooner than expected – be sure to update the listing so that guests know it’s available.

Avoid cancelling and refusing guests: There are of course times in our lives when things don’t go to plan. You might find yourself with an emergency that requires you to cancel a booking made by one of your guests. Keep in mind that if you do this a few times, it will affect your ranking. The same goes for refusing lots of guests who request to stay at your property.

Log in at least once a day: Showing Airbnb/potential guests that you are ‘active’ as a host by logging on every day is another way to help increase your ranking.

3. Price competitively  

What should you charge for your Airbnb? Click the image to use the GuestReady pricing calculator.

Check out your competitors and make sure you price your Airbnb accordingly. A small adjustment in price can have big ramifications when it comes to your property being included in search results. Head to our website and use our GuestReady pricing calculator to get a better idea of where to place yourself in the market.

4. Spread the word 
Share photos of your Airbnb property and the local neighbourhood. Include posts featuring nearby restaurants, cafes, favorite shops, museums and tourist sights.

Securing great reviews: What your guests say about their stay – counts. The more positive reviews on your listing, the more favourably you will rank. The number of reviews also impacts your ranking so the more guests you can convince to write good things about you, the better.

Promoting your space on social media: Instagram has become a powerful social media tool to promote Airbnb properties. Many hosts will have a dedicated account for their property and post not only photos of their home but also pics of the neighbourhood, local eateries, monuments and tourist sights. For #inspiration, check out @bruntonbothy, @theapartment.aveiro and @thewildehouse.

5. Don’t oversell your space
Be honest in your property description about what your listing has to offer.

There’s a fine line between writing an impressive listing description and overselling your space. It’s best to under-promise and over-deliver. Always be honest in your property description. Setting expectations at a realistic level is all part of being a great host.

Don’t say there’s a ‘private pool’ if it is shared with other people in your apartment block.

Don’t say it’s a ‘quiet neighbourhood’ if there’s a train track next to your apartment. Surprise your guests with an unexpected welcome basket of local goodies. They’ll be much more inclined to write glowing reviews if you deliver more than you promise.

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