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If you’re an Airbnb host, you will know how time-consuming it can be to arrange key pick-ups and drop-offs with guests and cleaners. Then there’s also the issue of keeping track of multiple sets of keys and replacing lost or stolen ones.

If you’re tired of managing your Airbnb keys, you’ll be happy to know that GuestReady works with a company called KeyNest to provide an innovative, safe and hassle-free solution for key management.

The KeyNest story

KeyNest was founded in 2015 by Marc Figueras and Florian Hoven. It all began when Marc asked his local café to hold keys for his Airbnb guests when he was unable to meet them for check-in. It got Marc thinking about a better way of handling keys for holiday lets and KeyNest was born.

KeyNest uses smart RFID fobs to manage keys for thousands of clients across the UK and Europe, through an extensive network of KeyNest Stores. They offer Airbnb hosts a safe, stress-free way of storing keys – as well as easy-access for guests. In basic terms, they keep your keys at secure locations near your Airbnb where guests can pick them up and drop them off.

How secure is KeyNest?

Keys at KeyNest stores are only handled by trained staff and all KeyNest automated lockers are fitted with security cameras. KeyNest never keeps any addresses of Airbnbs on-site so the identity your keys and home are protected at all times. The fobs connected to each set of keys can be tracked which removes the risk of keys becoming lost.

A network of secure locations

Map with KeyNest Store locations

KeyNest has a vast network of secure locations that provide smart key exchange services, allowing Airbnb hosts to store keys – and cleaners or guests to collect them using a personal unique code.

KeyNest Stores are a variety of independent local businesses such as newsagents and cafés. The company also has automated lockers outside supermarkets, retail parks and shops. Currently, the company manages keys in over 1800 locations across Europe.

How do I find my nearest KeyNest store?

KeyNest has an interactive map where you can see all their stores and automated safe box locations across Europe. It is easy to find the most convenient place to leave keys. To access their interactive map click here.

Arranging key collection

KeyNest Store

It’s as simple as logging into the ‘my keys’ section of your dashboard and generating a collection code that you can send to guests. They can then collect the keys by sharing the code with the staff at a KeyNest Store or entering the details into the automatic lockers. The code is unique to that particular guest and expires at the end of their stay, which removes the risk of others accessing the keys.

How does key return work?

At KeyNest Stores, your keys just need to be handed back to the shopkeeper, who will scan them and place them back in the safe.

Keys can be returned to automatic lockers by selecting ‘send a parcel’ on the locker screen, re-entering the code that was used to collect the keys, and placing them back inside the locker.

KeyNest Pricing

The KeyNest solution is completely free for GuestReady customers. To use the KeyNest service directly you can pay as little as £14.95 per month! For more details on the pricing of the service click here. 

GuestReady KeyNest Partnership


GuestReady has been working with KeyNest since the day the company was founded back in 2016. Seeing the value of the company’s innovative key management service, Airbnb opted to partner with them in 2017 – making them the first Airbnb Host Assist Partner in the UK. Since then the platform has incorporated features that allow Airbnb hosts to utilize KeyNest services.

If you use GuestReady services in the UK you will benefit from the KeyNest service. We take two sets of keys and store them in secure KeyNest locations close to your Airbnb. One set is kept in a KeyNest Store, where guests and cleaners can access it. The second set is placed in the closest 24-hour secure location, as a security set. This setup means that we never have to bother you about keys – whether your guests arrive late at night, whether your cleaners need a spare set, or whether a set gets lost.

Airbnb Property Management

GuestReady is one of the world’s leading BnB management services provider. We provide support to short-term rental hosts in cities like London, Singapore, Paris and Edinburgh.

If you’re a busy host who needs help running your short let and who is struggling to arrange key pick-ups and drop-offs, our KeyNest partnership is guaranteed to give you peace of mind as our customer. Schedule a call today for a free consultation to find out how we can make your life easier as a host.

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