Airbnb Host: How to supercharge your listing with Instagram

With 1 billion users, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for holiday let sites like Airbnb and HomeAway. Not only is it a place where travellers post millions of photos of their Airbnb experiences daily, but it has become a platform that many Airbnb hosts are now using to drive traffic to their listings. Here’s our guide to setting up an Instagram account that will supercharge your Airbnb bookings.


1. Take them on a tour of your Airbnb

Airbnb Instagram homes that get the most traction have hosts who are not afraid to show every angle and corner of their abode to the public. Once your space looks amazing, take photos of each room – and also consider uploading short ‘guided tour’ videos. If there are breath-taking views outside the window of your Airbnb, be sure to highlight them. One of our favourite Airbnb homes on Instagram include this one in Edinburgh with beautiful interior design snapshots and local activities guests can enjoy in the nearby area. 


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2. Show off your neighbourhood

Remember that as an Airbnb host, you are not just selling your property but also your neighbourhood. Take photos of the fresh croissants that they serve in the bakery around the corner. When you’re meeting your friends at your favourite wine bar, don’t forget to take a pic and post it with a comment about why you love it. This kind of content adds variety to your Instagram feed and, by using relevant hashtags, you can gain new followers. If you’re wanting to attract families to stay with you, post photos of the local park or ice cream parlour. Think about your audience and photograph things that would excite them.


3. Link your listing

If you’re setting up an account for your Airbnb property, add a link in your bio to the listing on Airbnb so that people can book it with ease. There’s no point enticing them with beautiful photos if they can’t find your property when they’re ready to reserve a room.


4. Don’t forget hashtags

By using relevant and popular hashtags you can help travellers discover your Airbnb on Instagram and fall in love with it. People are often searching location hashtags when they are dreaming about their next vacation and looking for inspiration. If you live in a certain part of Dubai or Lisbon, use hashtags that are relevant to your neighbourhood. Apart from location hashtag, consider adding these to help boost your posts:

  • #airbnboftheday
  • #airbnb
  • #airbnbhome
  • #instaairbnb
  • #instahotel
  • #instavacation
  • #airbnbexperience
  • #airbnbsuperhost


5. Let your personality shine through

You might think that if you set up an account for your Airbnb home that it should just be pics of the rooms and furniture but people also love to connect on a personal level with hosts. If your Airbnb is a London apartment full of football memorabilia because you’re a mad fan of the Manchester United – then consider posting a pic of yourself at a game. If your Airbnb’s interior design is inspired by the two years you lived in Portugal, why not use #ThrowBackThursday as an excuse to pull out a few pics from your adventures abroad.


6. Tell the story of your happy guests

Did you have a super cool couple staying at your Airbnb who are backpacking around the world to raise money for charity? Why not promote their cause by asking them if you can take their photo and post it on your Insta account? If you have guests who have enjoyed their stay, they are not only likely to post pics of your place but also be okay for you to share their experiences.


7. Most-liked Instagram photos

If you’re looking for design inspiration for your Airbnb when it comes to creating a space that will get ‘likes’ on Instagram, we recommend flicking through Airbnb’s most liked homes on Instagram from 2018.

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