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It is hard to imagine that three years have passed since GuestReady was launched. So much has changed in such a short period. We expanded our Airbnb and short-term rental management services to new cities. Last year alone, we launched our services in Lisbon, Porto, Dubai, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Kuala Lumpur. GuestReady has become a truly glocal company, with local teams, and partnerships in each city we operate in. Early on, we understood that to deliver high quality and personal services to our hosts and guests, we needed to work with local experts and partners.

Airbnb – from air mattress to Luxury homes

Airbnb bedroom

Airbnb has powered tourism growth in cities opening up travel to more people worldwide. Today, Airbnb competes directly with the likes of Marriot and Hilton. At the start, it was enough to place an air mattress on the floor to run an Airbnb. Today, the booking platform is attracting high-end, business and adventure travellers. Guests can filter by Superhosts, verifying hosts by guest communications, cleanliness of the property, and overall experience. Guests can also filter properties verified on the quality and design of the accommodation with Airbnb Plus. They can filter accommodations that cater to work trips to ensure the property provides the essential business amenities. And since July, Airbnb guests can book handpicked luxury homes with personally arranged concierge services with Airbnb Luxe. As guest expectations evolved, so has Airbnb management, making it more demanding and in some cases full-time jobs.

Airbnb Management – what it means today

Greeting Guests

As the industry evolved, so did GuestReady. We invested and fine-tuned our services and are developing and improving our property management software day by day. When we first launched GuestReady, we could list a property on one booking platform. Today, our in-house software allows us to manage listings across multiple platforms at the same time, increasing occupancy rates and boasting average daily rental returns for our hosts. To help hosts place their properties in the best light, we offer a professional photography service for each property we onboard. We have trained and experienced cleaning teams, to ensure each property is spic and span before the next guest arrives. And most importantly, we have a maintenance team on standby, just in case, as you never know when a light bulb goes bust.

While not every property lends itself well to become the next Airbnb Plus, not to mention Airbnb Luxe, Superhost status is within reach for most properties. To achieve the well endorsed standing on Airbnb, it boils down delivery; to the accuracy of the listing description, location, communication with guests, cleanliness of the property, check-in experience and perceived value for money. It is important to manage these factors down to a t to meet guest expectations and pull in good reviews. Hosts who achieve this, alone or with an Airbnb management service company, are rewarded with higher occupancy rates and rental yields, and, potentially, Superhost status.

Airbnb Hosting – hassle-free and remote

Hassle free hosting

Our hosts enjoy the flexibility of hosting but without the hassle. Each host gets access to their own GuestReady dashboard that gives them an overview of their property rental yields, occupancy and the ability to block out dates for personal use or simply to allow friends or family members to stay at their home.

GuestReady offers white-glove short-let property management services for property owners and investors who are looking to get the most value out of their investment. We aim to deliver consistent quality services to our hosts and guests; and with an average TrustScore of 9.1, we think we have been doing pretty well so far.

Interested in short-letting your property and curious to find out how much you can earn with your investment? Try our property price calculator or schedule a call back with one of our local experts.

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