How to benefit from Airbnb as a digital nomad

If you are one of the growing number of people who have quit your day job to enjoy a more independent lifestyle as a digital nomad, it might be worth considering how to use Airbnb to your advantage – whether it’s as a traveller or a host.

There are many ways you can use Airbnb to make money, save money and make sure the time you spend overseas is the best that it can be.

Passive income with Airbnb

Owning an apartment or home that you can rent out on Airbnb while you travel the world is one of the best ways to set yourself up with a passive income as a digital nomad.

If you have chosen to buy a home that’s in a good location and if you have done your research relating to rentals in your area and priced your Airbnb accordingly, you’ll be off to a good start in terms of attracting travellers to stay.

After a few good reviews, most hosts find that bookings begin to come in on a regular basis and then it’s just a matter of finding someone you trust to assist with the practical aspects of running an Airbnb while you’re away from home – such as key handovers, cleaning and managing any issues that might arise during their stay.

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Using a management service like GuestReady can make it even easier to pack your bags and enjoy the freedom of life on the road knowing that a team of experts is taking care of all aspects of your listing and ensuring guests go home happy.


Most digital nomads will want to spend at least a month or two in a particular location. Did you know that Airbnb offers a sublet service that allows guests to search for longer-term rentals? Moving to a foreign city can be difficult, especially if you have to negotiate a rental agreement, pay bond, sign leases, and buy furniture.

Airbnb is a much more hassle-free option when it comes to spending a few months away from home. Everything is sorted out before you arrive. The WIFI is connected. The rental arrangement and payment terms are all clear.

There are sheets and towels in your room and usually someone friendly to give you directions to the local supermarket or tell you what number bus to catch in to town.


Airbnb has now established itself as a trustworthy, safe and reliable alternative to hotel accommodation for travellers.

If you are about to set off on an adventure as a digital nomad, booking your bed for the night on Airbnb will offer you some peace of mind when you arrive in a new city – particularly if you’re already using the platform to rent out your own space and you’re familiar with the terms and conditions.

Why not use a system that you know and trust to your advantage when you travel?

Affordable digital nomad housing

If you are hoping to stay for a little while in one place, be sure to email a range of hosts and request a long-term fee discount for your stay. Prices are negotiable on Airbnb…you just have to ask.

If you have your own Airbnb back home, mention it in your email request when asking for discounts from fellow hosts. Depending on the time of year and demand, you can get all sorts of price reductions on accommodation.

In many parts of the world, Airbnb is a cheaper option than serviced apartments or long-term hotel stays so be sure to do your research and reap the price-rewards.


The life of a digital nomad can be a lonely one. Many travellers use Airbnb as a way of ensuring they have social contact when they are away from friends and family.

This works better if you are renting a private room in a host’s apartment or home, as there’s more likelihood that you’ll have conversations with the host or other guests in the kitchen or living areas which can help you feel less isolated during your stay.

Even if you choose to rent an entire apartment/home, there are plenty of hosts who live nearby and who are happy to stop in for a chat to offer advice and support.

Do you need some inspiration to embrace the life of a digital nomad and rent your place out on Airbnb while you travel? Check out our article about the benefits of being a hands-off host here.

And if you’re a first-time traveller on Airbnb, it might be worth reading our tips about how to be a good guest so that you can guarantee yourself a good review from your host. Contact GuestReady for all your Airbnb management needs!

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