5 Ways to increase your Airbnb occupancy rate

It might be easy to attract guests during peak season but the ultimate goal for any Airbnb host is to make sure their vacation rentals are always full – no matter what time of year.

How can you prevent your happy home from sitting empty when things slow down? What can you do to ensure bookings all year round? We have put together a list of things to keep in mind when it comes to increasing your occupancy rate.

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Table of contents

  1. Keep your Airbnb listing current
  2. Airbnb rate changes
  3. Target the right people
  4. Instant book is your friend
  5. Get your guest talking about you
  6. Renting a property for the first time? Choose GuestReady

1. Keep your Airbnb listing current

One of the best ways to ensure a steady stream of bookings is to make sure your Airbnb listing is up-to-date.

  • Does your Airbnb description best match what you are offering?
  • Are there new amenities that you’ve forgotten to add to your list?
  • Does your garden now have spring flowers in full bloom that are worth photographing and adding to your listing pics?
  • Have there been any road closures or public transport changes when it comes to the directions that you provide to guests?

We advise that you update your Airbnb listing on a monthly basis to ensure you don’t miss out on bookings.

2. Airbnb rate changes

Let’s be honest, you might have the most gorgeous looking Airbnb in the hippest neighbourhood but if it’s not competitively priced you are going to miss out on bookings.

What you also need to keep in mind is that the price you set should be adjusted according to a number of factors – and you need to stay across these factors in order to maximise occupancy.

Consider setting weekend rates to give travellers an incentive to stay with you during the week when bookings are usually quieter. Reduce your rates during the low season so that you remain competitive with local hotels that will be offering discounted room rates during unpopular periods.

Make sure you keep an eye on the prices of similar listings in your local area and change your rates accordingly.

3. Target the right people

A great way to attract new guests to your Airbnb is to tie your listing title or description into big events that attract visitors.

Don’t expect people to find you – grab their attention and let them know that your vacation rental is close to where they want to go…and that choosing to stay with you will help them to enjoy their holiday.

For example, you might change your listing title to: “Just a five-minute walk to the Christmas Market” or “Great place to rest after running the marathon”. We talk more about this in our blog about creating the best listing title for your Airbnb.

4. Instant book is your friend

Instant book allows guests to book your home without the need for approval or communication with you. It makes their life easier.

It’s a feature that helps hosts gain last minute bookings and can improve your chances of gaining Superhost status as well as bumping your Airbnb up the list when people search the website. It’s worth considering the pros and cons of instant book.

5. Get your guests talking about you

Although it’s not compulsory for guests to write reviews, we always suggest that hosts encourage travellers to leave some words about their stay on the website. If you know your guest has had a good time you may want to casually mention when you say goodbye that you’d “greatly appreciate” a review. Of course, another way to gently apply pressure is to write a good review about your guest.

This often gives them an incentive to get online and rate your accommodation. Having a list of glowing reviews for your Airbnb makes a big difference when it comes to convincing people to book your home. We have some ideas for how you can impress your guests so they feel compelled to write a wonderful review for you.

6. Renting a property for the first time? Choose GuestReady

Need help to increase your occupancy rates? Our team of professionals have many years of experience helping hosts improve their bookings and Airbnb revenue. Contact GuestReady for some advice today.

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