Navigating the challenge of bed bugs – A guide for owners

In the world of hospitality, comfort and safety are paramount. Bed bugs infections seem to have increased in some cities, starting with France in mid-2023. But what is really happening and how are airbnb management companies tackling the issue?

Dealing with bed bugs can be a sensitive and challenging issue for property owners. In this article, we provide essential information and proactive measures to address this concern effectively.


Understanding bed bugs, a concern for property owners


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, elusive insects that thrive in sleeping environments. Recognising them is crucial: they are reddish-brown, oval, and flat, about the size of an apple seed.

Though cannot jump around, they spread quickly and are very resilient. They can be found on the bed frame and headboard. If the room is heavily infested, in the seams of chairs and couches, between cushions, etc.


Are infection cases increasing and why?

It’s important to remember that these insects predate humans and will continue to do so.

The fear of increasing pest numbers is not new, it has been occurring for some years now, and it is not specific to one country. There are some reasons for this, including:

  • Global warming, which favours their development and establishment (more active above 20 degrees Celsius)
  • The second-hand market
  • International trade (suspected of being the cause of the Asian hornet’s arrival in the 2000s).
    Between 2017 and 2022, studies have shown that 1 in 10 French households has been infested.

We are seeing a slight increase in the number of interventions over 2023, to which we must take into account the psychological impact resulting in more detections: it is a tenacious insect and hard to get rid of without professional intervention, the treatments are long and the episodes traumatic. Therefore people talk about it more and develop a certain fear.


Detection and prevention

Regular inspections are key. Property managers advise owners to conduct thorough checks, focusing on mattresses, bed frames, and headboards. Investing in mattress protectors and opting for light-coloured bedding can aid in early detection.

Canine detection is quite known but now companies like Badbugs have developed ways to detect the infection, with about a 92% accuracy. It works similarly to Covid tests, the tool is to be applied in sensitive zones.

Cases of infection can be taken care of in 24H, or up to 3-4 weeks depending on the treatment chosen.


Partnership with Badbugs in France

In France, GuestReady has taken a step further by partnering with Badbugs, offering an innovative $2/month insurance in case of interventions, that would otherwise be expensive.

This partnership ensures quick and professional handling of any pest incidents (not only bed bugs but also rats, wasp, and many more). They minimize disruption and ensure peace of mind, while providing psychological support as well.



At GuestReady, we have been taking the challenge of bed bugs seriously, long before the reported increase of mid-2023. Through proactive measures, partnership with Badbugs since 2022, and ongoing education, we strive to ensure a worry-free experience for both our property owners and guests.

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