How to make your Airbnb allergen-free

Creating an allergen-free Airbnb has benefits for both you, as the host, and your guests. There are many travellers who are willing to pay more to stay in a place that won’t make them feel sick.

In fact, some people will actively search for allergy-free Airbnb listings which means you could increase the audience for your property by making these changes to maintaining and cleaning your Airbnb. Are you ready? Here’s our guide on how to allergy-proof your home. 

Breathing easy: How to create an allergen-free furnished holiday let

If you are an Airbnb host who is keen to make your home smell nice for new guests you might be tempted to plug in an electric air freshener or put out a few glass containers with scented sticks.

Maybe you love the smell of ‘Spring Delight’ or ‘Indian Ocean Mist’ but what if your guest doesn’t? Or, even worse, what if those fragrances wafting through your Airbnb cause your guest to have an allergic reaction?

Fresh air does not require air fresheners

Fresh Air - Open Windows

There are so many products on the market today that claim to ‘freshen’ the air in your home. From flower-scented sprays to plug-in devices that release fragrant mist into the air every hour. First of all, if you are trying to get rid of a bad smell in your home – try to address the cause rather than mask it with perfume.

If your pipes smell bad, call the plumber to get them cleaned. If your last guest cooked fish in your kitchen, scrub the space with non-toxic cleaning products and wash the curtains or couch covers if they smell. By giving your place a thorough clean, you should be able to remove any nasty smells. If you do want to add a hint of fragrance to the home, use essential oil room sprays or aromatherapy diffusers rather than synthetic perfumes.

Airbnb cleaning for allergen-free homes 

Many over-the-counter cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and strong fragrances. Avoid these products when cleaning your holiday let and opt instead for eco-friendly cleaning products. If you don’t have the time to do the research, there are green cleaning companies that use 100% natural products. Check out our eco cleaning tips for inspiration or ask GuestReady about is cleaning service.

 Avoid perfumed laundry detergents

Laundry LiquidAs a holiday let host, you want your bed linen to smell and feel clean but that doesn’t mean you should pour loads of supermarket laundry detergent into the washing machine.

Most laundry products on grocery store shelves contain perfumes that can cause people with allergies to sneeze, break out in rashes, or feel ill. Try to buy unscented laundry detergent or laundry ‘eggs’ that contain natural minerals as opposed to harmful chemicals.

Remove food items from your home

More and more people are developing food allergies which can make their lives challenging when they travel. Remove food items such as nuts, eggs, dairy and fruit from your holiday let. When you clean up after guests, make sure you thoroughly clean the kitchen, cupboards and refrigerator to remove anything that might cause an allergic reaction.

As a host, you will never be able to 100% guarantee that there are no traces of items such as nuts in your home, but you can do your best to lower the risk for guests with severe allergies. For the best guarantee, hire a professional cleaning service. You can reflect the cost back into charging a fair Airbnb cleaning fee to your guests. 

Don’t allow pets or smokers

Cat at homeIf you want to create an allergy-free space, that means no pets in the house. Be sure you are clear about this in your House Rules so that guests are not tempted to bring their puppy with them when they stay in your holiday let. You also need to be strict about smoking. Remember that the smell of cigarette smoke can linger on bed sheets, couches and pillows – even if the guest has smoked outside. For this reason, we recommend that you enforce a ‘no smokers’ policy rather than ‘no smoking’ policy. Check out how you can enforce a no smoking policy for your Airbnb

Choose appropriate furniture and floor coverings

You might have a very comfortable old couch but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your Airbnb guests. Many allergies are caused or triggered by dust mites which means well-worn upholstered sofas or vintage chairs should be replaced by furniture made of leather and wood. Similarly, old carpets should be ripped up and replaced with newer, low-pile carpets. If you have the budget, you might consider investing in hardwood flooring. Curtains should be washed regularly or replaced with blinds. 

Consider your outdoor spaces

Outdoor AllergiesIf you have a chlorine pool, consider converting it to a saltwater one. Saltwater is less damaging to hair, skin and eyes. It also requires less chemicals and maintenance. Also think about your garden. If you have fruit trees or flowers that you want to protect from insects, don’t spray them with chemicals. Try to find natural alternatives such as homemade sprays with essential oils or salt.

Other allergy-free Airbnb tips:

      Buy natural soap and shampoo for guests (preferably non-scented)

      Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner and change the bag regularly

      Make sure sheets and bed covers are made from natural fibres

      Replace old mattresses with new ones

      Consider dust-mite-proof mattress protectors

      Remove items that are dust collectors such as ornaments, books, vases with dried flowers and baskets.

Holiday let management

If you’d like advice on how to transform your rental property into an allergy-free zone to increase your bookings, why not contact GuestReady’s team of Airbnb experts today and ensure professionally clean Airbnb? We can help you set a fair cleaning fee, assist with arranging eco-friendly cleaners to attend your property, and help you write an attention-grabbing description about your allergy-free space!

Get in touch today. 

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