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GuestReady, your #1 agency for managing Airbnb properties in Hong Kong

We manage a large portfolio of properties in Hong Kong, helping owners turn their investment into a profitable source of income.




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Why use GuestReady?

Increase your Airbnb income in Hong Kong

Augment your
Airbnb income

Supplement your revenues by renting out your empty home using our bespoke property management service. Using our expertise on real estate and hospitality trends in Hong Kong, we will optimise your listing, pricing and occupancy to make it the most attractive on platforms like Airbnb.

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you can earn on Airbnb
Hassle Free Airbnb Management Hong Kong

We take the hassle
out of hosting

We will manage everything for your Airbnb rental: from taking care of your listing and its rental price, to check-ins, cleaning, laundry, maintenance and much more; so you sit back and relax, and your guests go home smiling.

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Management Services in detail
Flexible Airbnb Management Hong Kong

Fully flexible
short lets

Whether you wish to rent out your home while you’re away traveling, or own an empty apartment in the city, our sur-mesure property management solution is designed to adapt to all kinds of needs, so you always come back home to find it just the way you left it.

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GuestReady takes care of everything

As a Manager for high-end Vacation Rentals, our bouquet of services is designed to provide the best experience to your guests, each time they stay at your home.

Discover our Airbnb Property
Management Services in detail

Vacation Rentals managed by us perform extremely well on platforms like Airbnb,, VRBO and more…

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What our customers are saying…

Airbnb Management in Sai Ying Pun HK
Jeremy is a happy GuestReady Hong Kong host


Sai Ying Pun
Airbnb Management in Soho Hong Kong
Aaron is a very happy GuestReady Hong Kong host



“Whenever I’m away for business, I can rely on GuestReady to make sure my Airbnb guests are checked in and the place is clean for every guest that arrives. Ever since GuestReady took over, my Airbnb rating has gone up!”

Sai Ying Pun
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Airbnb Management in Hong Kong

Whether you own a 2-bedroom unit in Tsim Sha Tsui or Mong Kok, a loft in Wong Chuk Hang, a house in Pok Fu Lam or a cozy studio on Hollywood Road, you can expect a steady flow of tourists and business travellers looking for an Airbnb in Hong Kong.

Qs How much does Airbnb Management cost?

GuestReady offers homeowners two ways to earn income from their homes:

  1. Percentage Service Fee - Homeowners will pay a fee from 12% of their rental income for the Airbnb management services. There will be additional charges for cleaning and laundry services.
  2. Fixed Income Guarantee - Homeowners will be given a pre-determined monthly income from their short term rentals. Every month, GuestReady will pay homeowners a defined amount based on your property and unique pricing method. GuestReady understands the value of your property on Airbnb and we are confident to give you a fixed monthly rent.
Qs My property is not on Airbnb, can I use GuestReady?

Most definitely! As long as you are keen on exploring short term rentals for your home, we will help you do the necessary. Get your home on Airbnb through GuestReady in 3 simple steps (link back to Airbnb management page)

With over 6,500 active listings and new apartments being turned into vacation rental units every day, Airbnb’s popularity in Hong Kong is on the rise.

Qs How can I earn more from my rental property through GuestReady?

We have developed a unique pricing strategy that takes into consideration factors such as location, number of bedrooms, historical pricing data and many more factors to maximize your revenue per booking.

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