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Save time and boost your bookings

When partnering with us through our Online Management services, we take care of every detail of your short-term rental online. From listing creation, multichannel-distribution, pricing optimisation, calendar management to 24/7 guest communication, we cover it all. On your side, all you need to ensure is that you connect us with your selected cleaning agent or caretaker who will keep your property clean, maintained, and always ready to welcome your next guests!

Online property management

Our Online Management Services

From listing creation to guest communication - we’ve got you covered.

Listing Creation

Our copywriters create appealing listings for your property across multiple short-term rental platforms.

Multi-channel Distribution

Your home will be marketed across all major booking platforms attracting guests with a variety of needs.

Calendar Management

We sync your calendar across platforms to ensure the best possible occupancy without double bookings.

Price Optimisation

We continuously update the pricing of your property to maximize occupancy and revenues.

Payment Processing

We process all payments on your behalf so you no longer have to chase for payments on deposits.


We offer dedicated guest communication in multiple languages (EN/FR/PT), available 24/7.

Host Dashboard

Keep up-to-date anytime, anywhere. Revenues, calendar, invoicing, all at your fingertips.

Logistics coordination

Within our user-friendly app, we automatically inform your cleaning or check-in agent of required jobs.

How does it work?

Getting your property managed by GuestReady is easy. After you give us all the information we need during the onboarding process, we take over for you!

Online property management
Onboarding & Publishing

After signing up with GuestReady, we send you an onboarding form to fill with all the important information pertaining to your property.

Photos are a key part of a successful Airbnb. We ask you to provide up-to-date, good quality photos of your home. Alternatively, we can also arrange a professional photoshoot (extra cost).

With years of experience in creating property listings, our expert team will help to create a unique and compelling listing to help your property stand out from the competition.

You then connect us with your preferred cleaner or property caretaker who will handle the logistics on the ground. Don't have one? See below for our tips on finding one in no time. Or maybe you want to look after your property yourself? That's ok, too!

We give you access to our digital host platform where you can access all information about your property, performance, as well as calendar management.

Finally, we publish your listing across all the top booking platforms, including our own direct booking website

Our team continuously optimises the nightly price of your property to guarantee the most bookings at the best price.

We handle all the guest inquiries and guest communications 24/7 in English, French and Portuguese as well as taking payment and deposits for each booking.

For each booking, we verify the guests' IDs and check their profiles (where applicable).

Via our digital host platform, you have full control over your calendar, allowing you to easily choose when you want your property to be available for guests, and when you want to block it for yourself.

Via our mobile app, we send tasks (cleaning / check-in) directly to your designated cleaning provider once we've received a booking.

We recommend self check-in devices that are both safe and offer flexibility to guests in terms of specific arrival time. Alternatively, the check-in of the guests can be done in-person by your caretaker. Our team can easily help you select the right self-check-in device for your needs and type of property.

During their stay, our team will handle all requests from the guests and remain available 24/7.

At the end of their stay, the guests check-out the same way they checked-in: simply via the self-check-in device, or in-person.

Following the task automatically sent to them via our app, your cleaning provider gets your property ready to welcome your next guests.

Via our digital host platform, you have access to all the financial information regarding the revenues generated by your property.

Our team ensures the post-stay review process with guests, and will manage any queries they may still have. Happy guests are at the core of a well functioning holiday let, which in turn makes for happy hosts.

How can I find a cleaning agent or a caretaker?

Finding a cleaning agent that will look after the on-the-ground logistics of your property does not have to be a difficult task. In our experience, the three main sources to find the right partner in no time are:

Once you have selected your preferred provider, simply connect them with us. We will then automatically send them the tasks they need to accomplish via our dedicated mobile application.

How much does online management cost?

Our simple online hosting package is designed to help you earn more and save time. GuestReady earns a commission on the revenues we generate for you, so we only do well when you do well!

The commission rate starts at 10%, and may vary depending on the specific property profile and booking availability you wish to provide.

from 10% + VAT

What is the difference with a Full Property Management Service?

The main difference between Full Property Management and Online Management is that you are in charge of finding the provider for on-the-ground logistics of your property. In some cities we offer a Full Property Management package that includes our own cleaning providers, with a commission rate usually starting around 15% of the revenues generated. The pricing of our Online Management package starts at 10%, giving you room to spend on a quality and reliable provider. Once the initial set-up is done, both models are equally hassle-free for you!

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