GuestReady launches Medium-Term Lettings in France

Would you like to capitalise on the growing demand for mid-term lets in France? With the growing demand for extended stays in short-term accommodation, we launched medium-term lettings services across France.


Mid-term rentals management


What is a medium-term rental?

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If you’re a landlord, you’re probably familiar with the terms short-term let and long-term rentals. Often rentals placed on platforms like Airbnb are referred to as short lets because they are rented out for a few days or weeks. Long-term lets usually refer to properties that have permanent tenants inside who have signed at 12-month rental agreement.

Mid-term rentals, as you might have guessed, cater to those who want to stay for an extended period but don’t necessarily want to be tied to a traditional rental agreement. These kinds of tenants are looking for a furnished flat where they can live for up to 10 months.

The types of tenants attracted to mid-term contracts include students, trainees, seasonal workers, or those who have jobs that require them to be based away from home for extended periods.


Why list your property as a mid-term rental in France?

There are several benefits when it comes to listing your furnished flat as a medium-term let.

  1. Earn more money – As a landlord of a medium-term let you can earn up to 25% more than if you were to rent out your property as a long-term let.
  2. Use the space as a holiday home – Mid-term lets allow you to use the property from time to time as a holiday home and have it occupied for the rest of the year by a reliable tenant. This arrangement gives you more flexibility than if you were to have long-term tenants in the space and more security than if you were to rent it out as a short-let property.
  3. Less hassle – If you’ve been an Airbnb host for some time you will know the hassle involved in checking in guests, arranging for key transfers, attending to complaints, as well as doing the cleaning and laundry. Medium-term lets allow you to relax while your tenant pays regular rent and takes care of your home for you.
  4. More reliable tenants – Unlike short-term lets, where guests come and go each week, this option allows you to select a tenant who will then live in your property for a longer period. They will be much more invested in the care and upkeep of your rental than someone who is only staying for a few days.
  5. Less rules – There is no 120-day rule for mid-term rentals in Paris or Bordeaux so that means you have more flexibility when it comes to finding tenants to stay for longer periods in your mid-term let.

How to list your property as a medium-term rental in France


The Bail Mobilité

This is a new type of furnished rental contract that was introduced by the government in November 2018 in response to the growing demand for temporary accommodation. It allows landlords to rent out their property for 1 to 10 months without going through the lengthy, compulsory procedures that are required to list a property as a short-term rental.

The Bail Mobilité involves hosts setting up a fixed-term rental agreement with tenants. That contract can’t be extended with the same tenant once the 10 months are up.


The Bail Civil

This type of rental contract allows more flexibility to change the price of your rental from contract to contract. For example, you could charge occupants a higher rate for staying at your property for three months over the Summer, and then sign a new contract with another tenant on a lower rate for the Winter. These contracts are not subject to standard rent regulations and they are limited to a minimum of 3 months.


Medium-term lets on Airbnb

Another option is to list your property as a mid-term let on Airbnb. You will need to set a minimum stay of one month. Once you have an interested tenant, you can both fill out, and sign, an online Bail Mobilité.


Mid-term rentals management


Choosing a reliable property management company.

If you’re a landlord who wants to make the most of your investment in France, you should consider choosing a property management company to help you run your medium-term rental. The short-term rental marketplace is constantly changing and you need to make sure your property is positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for medium-term lets in France.

GuestReady is one of Europe’s leading Airbnb rental management companies with offices in Paris. Our team has local knowledge and experience in setting up Bail Mobilités.


The benefits of working with GuestReady

  1. Higher occupancy rates – Our team of experts knows the Airbnb rental industry inside-out. It’s our job to stay on top of the latest trends and offerings which means that we can ensure your property is perfectly placed to attract continual, successful bookings on the platform.
  2. Higher revenue – We can show you how to earn more from your current listing by using price optimisation tools. We can help keep your calendar up to date and adjust your rates according to seasonal demand.
  3. Professional maintenance – GuestReady can take care of both physical and online maintenance of your medium-term rental property. We can assist with organising gardeners, cleaners, and laundry services. We can also keep your listing up to date when it comes to uploading the latest photos, changing the listing description and maintaining the booking calendar.
  4. More free time – Why spend endless hours answering tenant enquiries and advertising your property on various rental platforms when you could be enjoying life? Hiring a professional property management company allows you more free time to do the things that you love.

GuestReady offers end-to-end solutions for landlords who want to turn their property in France into a short or medium-term let. Contact our team today for a free phone consultation. Or write it down for us!

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