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Best Rental Yields in the UK – From North to South

Investing in property in the UK? Find out what is a good rental yield The UK keeps playing a major…

Best Rental Yields in Portugal: From North to the Algarve

Buying property in Portugal? Find out what is a good rental yield. Investing in another country can be a daunting…

Airbnb Investment and Yield: What You Need to Know

As soon as you decide to rent your accommodation, you do your best to maximise its profitability. GuestReady helps you turning your residence into a new income source !

Why invest in Porto and Northern Portugal

The Economy, quality of life, infrastructure and talent in Porto and Northern Portugal are attracting global attention. If you are considering to invest in Portugal, find out why Porto and Northern Portugal can be a good investment.

Why invest in Lisbon – Numbers and Opportunities

Lisbon, the hilly coastal city of Portugal, isn’t just a tourist hotspot. In recent years, the European capital has become a magnet for investors. Find out why.


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