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Get your Airbnb ‘Business Travel Ready’

Business travel is one of Airbnb’s major growth areas and as an Airbnb host, the business market is a lucrative…

Automate Airbnb: The benefits of being a hands-off host

So you’ve turned your investment property into an Airbnb. You’ve decorated it perfectly. You’ve been getting great reviews. Bookings are…

How to set up an Airbnb listing

Setting up an Airbnb listing can be a daunting process, especially if you’re someone who hasn’t used the website for…

Airbnb rentals: Comparing the different types

Airbnb’s highly successful online accommodation marketplace has expanded its services to include new offerings such as Airbnb for Work, Airbnb Luxe and Airbnb Plus. Compare the different types of Airbnb rentals and find out which one is right for you.

Our complete Guide to let on Airbnb

Whether you go on holidays or you simply have an unoccupied room in your apartment (or house), it’s time for you to join the well-known Airbnb host experience!

What to do when guests damage your Airbnb

Most Airbnb hosts are very proud of their vacation rentals. They’ve spent time and money decking the place out with…

5 Ways to increase your Airbnb occupancy rate

The ultimate goal for any Airbnb host is to achieve high occupancy rates year-round. Here are our top tips to increase bookings throughout the year.

Pets and Airbnb: Making a pet-friendly Airbnb work

What happens when you have an overly friendly dog and want to rent your spare room out on Airbnb? Or…

An extra set of hands: Airbnb co-hosts

If you’re a busy Airbnb host who needs a break from the daily grind of guest communication and check-ins, why…

Short term lets vs long term lets: Benefits and the drawbacks

Before you go rushing to advertise your property on the rental market, take a moment to consider the pros and cons of both short and long term lets.

How to get good Airbnb reviews

Airbnb is a platform where your success is measured by reviews and reputation. A bad review can substantially hurt for…

Airbnb amenities: the must-haves and ‘wow’ extras

There’s an inventory of basic amenities a host should have for Airbnb guests. However, there are also other items that…

The benefits of becoming an Airbnb host

New Airbnb hosts are popping up across cities in Europe every day. Discover the benefits of becoming an Airbnb host. From meeting guests from around the world to enjoying a boost to your income.

How to write an awesome description for your Airbnb listing

How to write a good Airbnb description? Listing descriptions may not be the number one aspect that captures a potential…

Airbnb investment and yield: what you need to know

As soon as you decide to rent your accommodation, you do your best to maximise its profitability. GuestReady helps you turning your residence into a new income source !

Airbnb photography Tips

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. A stunning feature photo can say more than…

Airbnb – What to do with your personal belongings

Whether you’re renting out your investment property or your primary residence, here are our top 10 tips to keep your personal belongings safe.

Above and beyond: How to make your Airbnb stand out from the competition

The vacation rental industry is becoming more competitive each day, which means that unless your property is unique or in…

How Airbnb hosts can enforce their no smoking policy

How can you ensure that guests do not breach your no smoking policy? We rounded up tips from our in-house team of experts to help you keep your property smoke free and avoid bad reviews from future guests.

Airbnb launched long-term rentals

What if you decide to target new travellers – people who leave their homes for a long period of time?…

Airbnb house rules: the need-to-know

It’s important to have clear and concise rules for your Airbnb home. Let us guide you with these tips and tricks for successfully managing them at your property.

Everything you need to know about Airbnb Guest Refund Policy

As an Airbnb host, if you do your job well you won’t have to worry about giving your guests a…

Best Airbnb listing descriptions: Our top examples

If you’ve gone to the effort of hiring a professional photographer to capture the essence of your beautiful Airbnb, make…

How to handle bad reviews on Airbnb

It might be your worst nightmare as a host but don’t panic, we can probably bet that everyone has experienced…

Turning your primary residence into an Airbnb: The pros and cons

There are many reasons why homeowners turn their primary residence into an Airbnb. But what are the pros and cons? Here, we summarised the top 8 benefits and drawbacks.

6 holiday home makeover tips

Are you planning to spruce up your Holiday home in 2020? If your new year’s resolution is to give your holiday home a makeover, then we have some important tips for you.

How Does Airbnb Work: Questions Asked and Answered

As an Airbnb management company, we are often contacted by homeowners who are confused about how Airbnb works. We share our answers to the most FAQ by our hosts.

The fuss-free Airbnb hosting routine: tips from an expert

We all live busy lives and it can be hard to keep track of our to-do lists on a daily…

7 Steps to an unbeatable Airbnb Pricing Strategy

When is the right time to lower your Airbnb nightly rate? How can you guarantee that your short term let…

How to contact Airbnb support by phone, chat, or email

Airbnb has won countless awards for excellence and innovation in recent years. It has become a global force to be…


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