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How to increase Airbnb revenue?

How to earn (more) money on Airbnb? It can be really lucrative if it is managed well and to its…

Airbnb hosting tips that Wow your guests

Hosting can be an exciting pastime because you talk to and interact with people from all parts of the globe….

The Airbnb alternatives worth considering for your property

When it comes to vacation rentals, Airbnb is a household name – a trusted platform used by travellers around the…

5 Things to do when Airbnb guests check in

Your house is looking clean and tidy. The doorbell rings. It’s your first Airbnb guest. What happens next? Should you…

The ultimate Airbnb welcome package

What happens when you go above and beyond for your Airbnb guests? You get great reviews from happy travellers who…

Airbnb Cleaning Fee: What to charge your guests

Set-up a fair Airbnb cleaning fee for your guests and that reflects the cleaning time you put in between guest stays. Continue reading to find out how.

How to write an awesome Airbnb welcome letter

Being a successful Airbnb host is not just about securing new guests for your property. It’s also about keeping those…

How to get good Airbnb reviews

Airbnb is a platform where your success is measured by reviews and reputation. A bad Airbnb review can substantially hurt…

Airbnb dangers: Keeping guests safe during their stay

Most countries require hotels and accommodation houses to comply with strict safety laws – with fire escapes, extinguishers, smoke detectors…

5 spaces you didn’t know you could rent out on Airbnb

Is it really possible to make money from the treehouse you built for the kids all those years ago? Do…

Airbnb vs. The neighbours

How do you run a successful Airbnb without spoiling your relationship with the neighbours? For many hosts, managing an Airbnb…

Choosing the right Airbnb management services company

Managing one or more Airbnb properties can be a time-consuming and stressful business for hosts. Guests expect hotel-quality amenities, personal…

Airbnb cleaning tips: Make your apartment GuestReady

For any vacation rental or Airbnb listing, cleanliness directly translates to guest’s comfort and satisfaction. Here are our Airbnb cleaning tips.

5 things to keep in mind when approving guests for your Airbnb

Luckily, it doesn’t happen often – but from time to time an Airbnb horror story makes the headlines. All-night parties….

Automate Airbnb: The benefits of being a hands-off host

So you’ve turned your investment property into an Airbnb. You’ve decorated it perfectly. You’ve been getting great reviews. Bookings are…

How to set up an Airbnb listing

Setting up an Airbnb listing can be a daunting process, especially if you’re someone who hasn’t used the website for…

Best Airbnb management companies in London – How to choose “the one”?

On the surface, many Airbnb management companies can look the same, but not all services are. Here is how to find the best Airbnb management company for you.

New short-term lets licensing in Scotland

New Scottish legislation introduced by the government affecting short-term let owners will come into effect on 1st October 2022. Due…

How to promote an Airbnb listing

Sure, you can rely on a steady stream of bookings by optimizing your Airbnb listing and displaying your home from its…

Landlord’s guide: Short-term rentals in London

There’s a growing demand for short-lets in London. To find out everything you need to know about short-term rentals and how to manage one, read our guide.

A tax guide for furnished holiday lettings 

What qualifies as a Furnished Holiday Let and what are the benefits of owning a Furnished Holiday Let? How do you claim capital allowances and tax relief? Read our guide to find out.

Pets and Airbnb: Making a pet-friendly Airbnb work

What happens when you have an overly friendly dog and want to rent your spare room out on Airbnb? Or…

Host tips: a local guide to Paris for your guests

Airbnb is all about encouraging travellers to not just ‘go’ to a place, but to ‘live there’. If you are managing an Airbnb in Paris and you’re stuck for ideas, we have put together this local guide that you can share with guests to help them make the most out of their stay with you.

Tax on Airbnb income UK: the definitive guide

Do I have to pay Airbnb income tax? And which tax rate do I have to pay over my rental revenue? In this guide, we’re explaining the rules and tax-free allowances for furnished holiday lets in the United Kingdom.

The benefits of becoming an Airbnb host

New Airbnb hosts are popping up across cities in Europe every day. Discover the benefits of becoming an Airbnb host. From meeting guests from around the world to enjoying a boost to your income.

How to write an awesome description for your Airbnb listing

How to write a good Airbnb description? Listing descriptions may not be the number one aspect that captures a potential…

Holiday homes: find the best investment in Dubai on Airbnb

Dubai tourism marketing is booming. Short-term rentals are in demand. How do you find the best holiday home investment opportunity in Dubai?

Airbnb pricing for hosts: 6 effective strategies

All of us have to admit that many Airbnb hosts draw blanks when it comes to proper pricing – It…

Above and beyond: How to make your Airbnb stand out from the competition

The vacation rental industry is becoming more competitive each day, which means that unless your property is unique or in…

5 tips to finding a rental management company for your rental

It is now estimated that there are areas in the UK that have one Airbnb property for every four dwellings. Short-term…


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